Would you like to submit your VAT return while enjoying your vacation?

    Most accountants adapt their rhythm of life to the deadlines set by the revenue administration and statistics offices.
   Have you ever asked yourself what would it be like to have access to all your applications, data and electronic signatures anytime, anywhere? This might sound surprising but it’s not just a dream, it’s reality. Through the service we offer – myClusterDesktop, we move your entire computer content in the cloud, i.e. on servers operating in a safe data center, and you begin to work remotely. This opens up new possibilities for you, such as to go on a holiday and still get a job done if it came up unexpectedly. All you need is Internet connection and a device to access the servers where your information is uploaded (this could be a laptop, a tablet, a phone, or even a computer owned by someone else). With this service, deadlines will no longer interfere with your plans, and you will rediscover freedom and the opportunity to enjoy it without limitations. The automatic backups of all your information secure its safety and reliability. Our system administrators are available to handle any problems you may experience promptly and efficiently, without having to actually come to your office. You may choose among a larger number of potential employees, because their location will not be relevant any more, they will simply work remotely.
   While others use the cloud to store information, we use it for daily work.
Working remotely offers many advantages and can bring a new zest to your life, such as being able to go skiing in the morning and submit your VAT return in the afternoon.