For convenience, freedom, performance and cloud …

    Have you happened to have work to do, but not feel like staying in the office? Have you had moments when you’d rather be away on vacation but you had to meet deadlines instead? Have you experienced computer failure while you are in a rush and under pressure? Have you been at the airport, or the bus station, or the railway station, and required to provide some information which you know is on your office computer? Have you wished to work with your co-workers in a shared environment so as to have immediate access to any changes made? Have you thought about how much more inspiring it would be to make a live demonstration of your work?
   These are problems everybody has dealt with, and the solution is so simple and obvious – work remotely. What is more, upload all your software and files in the cloud – this will bring you more comfort, you will have access 24/7, and from various devices, you will be able to locate easily the information you need, make any necessary changes and have them immediately available to your co-workers or clients – your information will simply follow you anywhere you go. And this is not something to expect in the future, it can be yours even today. With our new service – myClusterDesktop, we bring to you our cloud space and resources, all required licenses, technical experts to respond to your needs, an antivirus protection, and daily backups of all your information, while you can focus on things that matter to you most.
   All your devices, such as printers, scanners and electronic signatures will be set to work with your cloud account. Access is extremely easy from any computer, tablet, smartphone or even smart TV. You get more time, and more fulfilling time, for yourself and your family, and if you happen to be a workaholic – more inspiration and satisfaction from your work. We most genuinely believe that this service will appeal to all those who value their comfort and freedom – a computer-less computer in your pocket: your personal cloud.